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Condition : cov/rec

-Other Countries Vinyls-

   5 hombres - Wanted
   (UK, private, DEROY DER 1384) 1977 LP w/insert
This is listed in Web and Pokora's Record collector dreams 6001 book !!
Rare DEROY LP! Nice folk psych! Has rare insert, and front of the sleeve has their signatures!
 price : 74,800 yen
    A.R. & Machines (Achim Reichel) - Die Grune Rise 
    (Germany, Polydor 2371 128) 1971 LP 
Really great krautrock masterpiece!
The sleeve has writing damage and small tears and wears. The vinyl is not so bad, has some thin marks. First press "2371 128" original!
 price : 13,800yen
   A.R. (Achim Reichel) - A.R.3 
    (Germany, Zebra 2949 006) 1972 LP w/insert, zebra inner sleeve
Really great krautrock masterpiece!
 price : 20,000yen 
  Kathy and joe Allison - The Old-Stone Singers
    (USA, private, DB121271) 1971 LP

Private press female & male acid folk. 12-string guitar, flute etc.
Other seller sold this LP for $660!
The sleeve has writing damage on front. And has some stains on back, however, back of this sleeve is plain.
 price : 39,800yen
 Amon Duul - Disaster
  (Germany, BASF 29 29079-4) 1972 2LP G/F sleeve 

Krautrock Psych and acid folk 2LP!
 price : 9,800 yen
   Michael Angelo - self-titled
    (USA, private, GUINN RECORD 1050) 1977 LP

US dreamy pop psych masterpiece!
The sleeve has some stains and some thin ink damages. The edges have some wears.
The labels have stamp.
The vinyl is nice condition! Only B-5 sounds some noise on a few points by press-miss. 
 price : reserved
   Fred Argir - Not Yet Home
    (USA, private, TCO Records TCO-96301) 1969 LP

Great US loner acid folk psych masterpiece private press LP!!!!!!! B-1 "Madness in B" is really great song, please check it in Youtube!
Really rare LP!
This sleeve has ink damages and wears.
This vinyl is side:A Ex-, side:B Vg+.
 price : reserved
  Peter Back (Pilgrim) - Pilgrim 
    (UK, private, no number) 1974 LP w/insert

Really rare UK pop psych private LP!!!!
Really rare LP, 4 stars on Pokora's 7001 book! 
You can listen to a song of this LP in Youtube. However, this LP include better songs!
The sleeve has some many stains.
The vinyl has only some many thin marks.
 price : sold out
 Between Dharana
  (Germany Vertigo 6360 619) 1974 LP G/F sleeve

Spiritual krautrock master piece! Rare Vertigo first press!!
 price : 14,800 yen
   Larry Bishop - Introducing a new song writing talent!!
    (USA, private, Economides music co. R2697) early '70s? LP 

Really rare and unknown masterpiece of US loner doener acid folk LP...!!!! Although the year issued are not written, it definitely is between '68 to '74 years. Paste-on sleeve, back is blank. Perhaps pressed less than 200 or 100 copies...
If you truly like US private press loner folk LPs, and seriously consider purchasing, please request sample sound-clip.
 price : reserved
 Dave Bixby - Ode to Quetzalcoatl
  (USA, private, D-24) 1969 LP

The king of downer acid folk LP!
 price :  sold out

   Blind Owl - self-titled
   (Canada, private, no la
bel, KC 1010) 1973 LP

Greatest and rarest Canadian acid folk psych masterpiece original private press LP!
Their music is really better than John Villemonte 1st LP.
Pressed only 100 copies... And the sound-quality is really better than reissue LP!
Please ask sample sound-clip and details photos.

 price : reserved
   Susmit Bose - Train To Calcutta
    (India, private, SWLP-1) 1978?LP

Really great loner acid folk LP from India! GIGA RARE private press LP!!!
English lyric vocal with deep echo, beautiful acoustic gutar!
The vinyl is looks nice. Because this is poor pressing, has some noise.
The back of the sleeve has a tear. However, most Indian LPs are bad condition. So this sleeve is better condition than many other Indian LPs!
 price : sold out
  Robin Bradshow - Double Exposure
   (UK, private, Red Hat Records RHR 004) 1975 LP 
Really rare UK private press acid folk LP!!
The sleeve has some many tears on papers of paste-on. However, this sleeve is hand-made. And anyway, this is really rare!! 
 price : 49,800yen
   Joan Brooks - The Long And Winding Road
    (USA, private, Band 'N Vocal Mobile Recording Service BVRS-1111) 1970?LP

Great US female loner folk masterpiece! And really rare! Perhaps, she is a blind girl. For reasons of it, her sense of sound is sharp.
The music is really great, please ask sample sound-clip.
The sleeve has water damages. And split-seam on the edge of top. The vinyl has many paper marks, but those marks are not so deep. Plays no so bad. Sounds only small noise, and some clicks on a few points.
 price : reserved

 The Brotherhood - Stavia
  (USA, private, BH-501)
1972 LP Ex/Ex

This is listed in Pokora's Record Collector Dreams book 1001. 3 strars.
Really nice psych rock!
 price : sold out
  Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day
   (UK, Philips 6308 019) 1970 LP G/F sleeve

The greatest UK female folk LP!
The inside of the sleeve has small ink damage. Back sleeve has very thin ring-wear.
The vinyl is has only very thin paper mark, and sounds only a few noise on only a few points.
 price :  sold out
  Mat Cain - Mat Cain sings
   (UK?, USA?, GDB & C Records, no number) early '70s ? LP

Unknown private press LP! Piano & vocals loner acid folk!
Handmade sleeve of stamps!
 price : 49,800 yen

   Dave Cartwright And Friends - In The Middle Of The Road
   (UK, private, H
armony Recordings D.B.0001) 1970 LP w/insert

The well known SSW, his real first LP by private press!
"Friends" include Bev Pegg who released rare private press LPs! And Dave also played in Bev Pegg's private press LPs.
This "In the Middle Of The Road" LP is really masterpiece of UK pop psych and acid folk psych!!!!
Mono pressing. Perhaps pressed less than 99 copies...
This copy has insert.

 price : offer
 Bill Clint - The crying of a generation
  (USA, Joint Artists Records ‎– JOINT ARTISTS JA-332) 1975 LP w/poster

Great loner acid folk LP!
The spine has a small tear.
 price : 19,800yen
   Congregacion - Viene...
    (Chile, IRT L-108) 1972 LP w/poster, plastic inner sleeve
Great psychedelic acid folk LP!
First press RED and BLUE label.
The sleeve is M- condition except small writing damage on top of back sleeve. However, this LP is a Chilean LP. Even it is top condition!
The vinyl is almost M- condition except A-3 and B-3. A-3 sounds a click noise. B-3 sounds a few click noise. And A-2 has a press miss, but the press miss does not sound noise.
The poster is almost M- condition. Has only a wrinkle. No tear. Most copies lost this insert poster.
Perhaps 95% copies already don't have insert poster. This poster is really rare...!!!!!
And has rare company inner sleeve too.
 price : offer
   Comus - First Utterance 
    (UK, Dawn DNLS 3019) 1971 LP G/F sleeve w/insert

Great UK acid folk band!
The sleeve has only some wears. The vinyl has some thin marks. Plays Ex+.
The insert has some writing damages.
Please ask photos and sample sound-clips. 
 price : sold out
   Ric Cormier - Our Mountain
    (private, USA, CIA Productions OLV-73)  1974? LP

Mega rare US private press acid folk LP! Please check about this in Youtube.
The sleeve has some stains. Back of the sleeve has writing and signature by the artist.
The vinyl is looks nice, however, this vinyl sounds some background noise because this is US poor private pressing.
 price : 38,000yen
   Steve Cowell's Contra-Band - IMU
    (USA, private, KARMA, Audio House, AHSPLA 13071) 1971 LP

Great US psych folk rock private press LP!
Listed on Acid Archives book.
The sleeve has some stains.
The vinyl is almost Ex+ except some outstanding marks. Some marks sound noise. Other areas are Ex+.
Please ask sample sound-clips.
 price : 85,800yen
   Creative Rock ‎– Gorilla
   (Germany, BRAIN metronome 1017) 1972 LP G/F sleeve

Nice krautrock prog! Rare LP!
Edges of the sleeve have small wear. The laminating loosens to some extent, like most other copies. However, not so bad, better than most other copies. The label of side:2 has small writing.
 price : 12,800 yen
   Cosmic Eye - Dream Sequence
    (UK, Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1030) 1972 LP

Great UK psych rare LP!
The sleeve has two small tears on edge of right. And has thin wear. The viniy is almost nice condition, no background noise.
 price : sold out
   Dzyan - self-titled
    (Germany, Aronda ‎– AS 10.006) 1972 LP G/F sleeve

Great Krautrock psych!
 price : 27,800yen
   Penny Davies & Roger Ilott - Restless
    (Australia, private, RRP 001) 1983 LP w/insert

Pokora's 3 stars! Private press folk psych!
 price : sold out
   Keith Dear - One's A Crowd
    (UK, private, DEROY DER 1165 A/B) 1974? LP

Great pop folk psych! GIGA RARE Deroy LP!
Because the matrix number is DER 1165, perhaps this LP was pressed in 1974.
You can listen to a song of this LP in Youtube! And all other songs are great too, like
quality of the song!
 price : reserved
   Dialogue - self-titled
    (USA, private, DM 68425) 1972 LP w/insert

Really great US dreamy pop psych masterpiece!
And really rare first press, no label, self released copy! And has rare insert!
The sleeve has tear damages like most other copies because this sleeve is slik-screen handmade sleeve. Mint sleeve is really rare....
The vinyl is nice condition!
Please be careful, copies of "Cold Studio" are second press! If your copy is second press, please get this first press! 
 price : 45,800yen
   (Canada, private, Mortimer Music) 1967 LP

Rare great Canadian acid folk private press LP!
This LP is listed in citizenfreak.com! And the value is $800 in the website! 
The website says, this LP was pressed only 200 copies...!
 price : 29,800yen

   Duffy - $,ABOUND
    (private, demo, SCL 101B/A) 1973 LP

The rarest British Hard Prog Psych demo only LP!!!!
The band is Duffy who released "Just In Case You're Interested..." and "Scruffy Duffy".
Perhaps, this LP is their pre-2nd album. Some songs are same as "Scruffy Duffy", however those tracks are different takes!
I feel this "St. John's" is better than the take of "
Scruffy Duffy".

The track list :
  Side 1:
 The Banker
 This is What You Want
 St. John's
  Side 2:
 Rock an Roll
 I Laid (I Prayed)
 The Joker
 Mr. Brown

The sleeve has many stains. And somall tears on edge.
The vinyl has some many thin marks. Sounds some noises, but not so bad.
The labels are white plain label with credits of hand-writing.
This copy is never acetate. This is a vinyl... But perhaps, known only this copy...?

 price : offer
   J. Dugan - Dugan
    (USA, private, BLACK-RARON RECORDS 16445/16446) 1966 LP

Great US loner folk private press LP!
Has numbering XX/100. So this LP was pressed only 100 copies!
Nice loner folk songs. And a song has echo sounds!
This vinyl has some thin marks. And A-1 has a wound. A-1 and B-4 sound some noise. Other songs are sounds almost Ex+!
This sleeve has split-seams on edges of top and bottom.
Please ask sample sound-clip.
   price : 59,800yen
   Eloy - self-titled
   (Germany, Philips 6305 089) 1971 LP

Rare krautrock prog LP! The sleeve does not have large damage!
 price : sold out
 EMERGENSY - Get out to the country
  (Germany, Brain metronome 1037) 1973 LP G/F sleeve

Krautrock psych LP! This is first press, the label has Brain Metronome logo.
 price : 3,800 yen
   Paul J Empson - self-titled
    (UK, private, Deroy, no number) 1968 LP acetate w/insert

Unknown DEROY LP! Great loner acid folk! He is a p
erformer with sufficient guitar technique! And beautiful cool voice! Original songs and cover songs. Original songs are nice songwriting!
Handmade sleeve is nice design by silk-screen.
The sleeve has small split-seam on bottom.
The acetate disc is looks Ex or better! But because this is an acetate, plays with some background noise.

New discovery of British folk private LP!
 price : offer
   Nick Farinacci - Farinacci
    (USA, private, Notch Records 210221) early '70s? LP

Obscure US private press pop psych LP!
Beatles type pop psych, home recording music!
Paste-on sleeve has 4 sleeves of his single! (And, sleeve of Joni Mitchell LP is used in substitution of plain sleeve!)
If you pay additional 20,000yen, we add his 2 kinds 7 inch singles! (each Vg+ condition, and 3 songs of 4 songs are not included in his LP!)

 price : 98,000yen

+ 2 singles price : 20,000yen
   Female Species - self-titled
    (USA, private, RI - #1) 1966 10 inch LP

Really great femal vo acid folk rock private press 10 inch LP!
One sided LP, only 4 songs. But all songs are really m
Please ask sample sound-clip!
 price : 92,000yen

   Pete Fine - On A Day Of Crystaline Thought
    (USA, private, PF 4.374) 1974 LP w/insert

Great US prog psych folk private press LP! Really rare!
And this copy has paste-on sheet on back sleeve, and has rare insert!
The vinyl has a few marks.
 price : sold out
   Doug Firebaugh - Performance One
    (USA, Sugar Records Sugar S-A-1010) 1975 LP

Really great liner acid folk msterpiece! Very beautiful music. Like Nick Drake!
Please ask sample cound-clip!
 price : 78,000yen
  Kevin Fisher - The first of Fisher
  (USA, private, P.PAM101) 1977 LP

Pokora's 3 stars!
Great psych! The sleeve has shrink (shrink has taer). The sleeve is nice condition!
Recently, this LP is really rare!
 price : 42,800 yen
   Focus - '73 Focus '73
    (UK, Deroy DER911) 1973 LP w/booklet

Strange shool project psych/acid folk LP! Rare Deroy press!
 price : sold out

  The Free Design - There Is A Song
   (USA, private, Ambrotype Records #1016) 1972 LP

Great soft rock folk psych!
The sleeve has stains and a thin traces of cellophane tape (cellophane tape.is already removed). The vinyl has only very thin marks, plays almost nice, some songs sound some noise

 price : 27,600yen
   Free Flight - Night Hawk
    (USA, private, Pepperhead Records 2676) 1976 LP

Great US psych rare private press LP!
The song of B-4 is like Bobb Trimble! A great song of loner dreamy psych!
All copies come with white plain sleeve. This white plain sleeve has stains and split-seams.
 price : 35;800yen

   Forest - Forest
    (UK, Harvest SHVL 760, 1E 062-04192) 1969 LP

No EMI logo on the label, first press! The sleeve has wears on the spine and edges. The vinyl has some thin marks, plays not so bad, sounds click noise on a few points. Please ask photos and sample sound-clip.

 price : 32,200yen

  Mark Fry - Dreaming with Alice
    (Italia, RCA IT ZSLT 70006) 1972 LP

Greatest acid folk LP! Mega rare! And this sleeve does not have cut hole! Many other copies have cut hole.
Has a small repair of trace of sticker. And has small split-seam on top. The vinyl is Ex to Ex+ except A-1,2 and B-1,2. Both sides have each a small wound on each beginning. Both wounds sound small click noises. Please ask sound-clips.

 price : sold out

   Frumpy ‎– Frumpy 2
    (Germany, Philips 6305 098) 1971 LP
6 part fold out sleeve

Krautrock psych!
6 part fold out sleeve is nice condition! Has only a small tear. All the fragile connection parts are connected!
The green and black vinyl has some thin marks.
Has the circular plastic case.
 price : 39,800 yen
   Furekåben (furekaaben) ‎– Prinsesseværelset
   (Denmark Spectator Records ‎– SL 1017) 1970 LP w/insert

Nice acid folk band!
The cover has artist's own hand-drawing. Has rare insert! Many other copies don't have insert.
 price : 54,980yen
   Gambler - Tommy
    (UK, private, Spaceward SRS24) 1969 LP

Very rare private press UK pop psych!! Rare Spaceward label's LP!
 price : 29,800 yen
   Gila - Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee 
    (Germany, Warner Bros WB 46 234) 1973 LP w/insert

Really great progressive folk psych masterpiece!!!! This is '70s German rock LP, but this music is not experimental kraut music. If you like psych folk but if you don't check the great music, please listen to it!!!!!
Really first press original copy! Full color "forest road" label!!!
And has rare insert! 
The spine of the sleeve has split-seam. The vinyl has some thn marks.
 price : 19,800yen
   God Bless - Huma Diatas Bukit (Huma Di Atas Bukit)
    (Indonesia, Pramaqua 004) 1976 LP (or 1975?)

Indonesian progressive psych!
Released by only cassette. So, LP vinyl is promo only! Pressed only less than 30 copies! 
So, most copies don't have sleeve. (a few copies have sleeve??)
Listed on Pokora's book 7001 for 5 stars!  
This copy condition is not so bad. Has some thin marks. Sounds only some background nose.  However, very better than other Indonesian vinyls! Most Indonesian vinyls are really bad condition...
 price : 98,000yen
  Gomorrha - self-titled
   (Cornet 15038) 1970 LP

Promo ver of this LP is listed on Pokora's book for 4 stars! This copy is normal ver.
This sleeve has a tear damage on front. And some wear on edges.
Mint copy is already over 1000 euros! 
 price : 39,800 yen
  Grand Theft - self-titled
    (USA, private, GT-1) 1972 LP

Great US heavy psych hard rock private press LP!
Released in USA, but pressed in Canada. Original first press LP! 
This copy was sealed copy. Played only once by me.
 price : 54,900yen
  Greenwood, Curlee & Thompson - One time one place
   (USA, private, GC72105) 1972 LP  w/insert

Pokora's 4 stars!
Nice psych folk rock!
Because this is USA private pressing, it is poor presing. So looks has some cloudy weather of luster.
However this is unpleyed copy! Dead stock!
 price : 42,800yen
  Los Grillos - Vibraciones Latinoamericanas
   (Bolivia, PGMP-2001) 1974 10 inchLP

Very rare Bolivian psych pgor 10 inch LP! This is listed for 5 stars in Pokora's Record collector dreams 4001 book !!
The spine of sleeve has split seam. Back sleeve and label have some written damage. Not nice condition, however better than Bolivian average condition! 
 price : reserved
   Grupo Sol De Chile - self-titled
    (Argentina, Tonodisc Ton-1074) 1974 LP

Great Chilean musicians who took refuge psych!
Antonio Smith (ex-Congregacion) and Los Jaivas!
 price : 33,800yen

 David Hollis - After All These Years
  (NZ, private, PRA 907) 1979 LP w/insert

Great acid folk psych! Really beautiful music! 

 price : 45,800 yen

  John Huckert & Mary Little - Through the Music I Will Love You
    (USA, private, Apricot Cordial Records) 1975 LP

Great female and male vo acid folk psych LP!
Pressed only 100 copies!
All copies come with plain white sleeve.

 price : 108,000yen
  Hugo Filho - Paraibo
   (Brazil, private, LP-HP-0001) 1978 LP 

Great acid folk rock! Shadoks reissued this, so this LP is wanted by many collectors!
 price : 69.800 yen
  Hopkins - Bradley - self-titled
   (USA, private, H&B 7310) 1973 LP hand writing sleeve

Underground weird & dreamy acid folk duo! Very echony vocals.
Almost copies has plai white sleeve. This copy has RARE hand writing sleeve!

 price : 98,000 yen
  Billy Hygate - invites you to a CARIBBEAN COCKTALL
   (UK, private, DEROY ADM EP 862) 1973 EP 45 rpm

Pressed by DEROY!!! Rare UK soft psych EP!
This 7 inch is 45 rpm, however, this EP has 5 songs!!
 price : 39,800yen
   Myke Jackson - Alone
   (USA, Yi Yi Records - 257275) 1975 LP w/insert

Really great AOR folk psych LP! Ex-the member of Felt!
The sleeve has in shrink.
The vinyl sounds some click noise, but this LP is poor pressing as private press.
 price : 18,900yen
  Jam - From the road
   (Holland, private, JNL 261 252) 1976 LP

Private press folk LP! Pokora's 2 stars!
This sleeve has a signature on front.
 price : 8,800yen

   (private, DEEP RANGE MUSIC SRTX/78/CUS 216) 1978 LP w/insert

The best masterpiece of acid folk!
Superior 12 string guitar technique. Mystery lyrics. Deep voice.
Many listeners think this is better than Perry Leopold 1st LP!
And very rare private press LP! Pressed only 200 copies! So this LP became already expensive because this was already reissued by CD.
Handmade silk-screen sleeve. This sleeve has small writing damage on blank area of front.
The vinyl has only some very thin press misses.
All copies of this LP sound some click noise on last song even if looks no damage, because this LP was poor pressing. Even reissue CD sounds those click noise because the reissue CD was made by vinyl.

 price : 78,000 yen
   Jesus - Magica Fuente
    (Uruguay, sondor 44.010) 1974 LP

A best master piece of South American heavy psych prog LP!!! Even if you don't like his 1st LP, please listen to this great LP!!!
The condition is some better than average of South American vinyls. The vinyl has many thin marks, however, not so deep.
 price : 62,800yen
   Jodi - Pops De Vanguardia
    (Paraquay, pressed in Argentina, private, Phonogram S.A.I.C. Departamento De Productos Especiales - 0000353 ) 1971 LP

Paraguayan psych rock MEGA RARE private press LP!!!!
This is the miracle music recorded hidden from the military regime's bondage!
The back sleeve has small tears.
 price : 98,000yen
   A Joint Effort - Final Effort
    (Canada, private, Little Records Limited LR101) 1975 LP w/insert

Great Canadian psych private press LP!
Has rare insert!
The sleeve has thin stains. The vinyl is almost nice. Because it is poor pressing, the vinyl has some cloudy luster spots from originally.
 price : 55,200yen
   Jonas Einar - Gypsy Queen
    (Parlophone, EMI MOAK 26, 4E 063-38082) 1972 LP w/insert

Great Icelander psych folk LP!
Has rare insert!
 price : 22,000yen
   Dean Kay - Who Is Dean Kay?
    (USA, Harmony Recorders) late '60s? one sided acetate LP

Giga rare unreleased acetate of the well known artist!
Great song-writing pop psych!
Perhaps, known only this copy!!!!!
Great psychedelic artwork handmade sleeve!
The sleeve has split-seam and wears and small tears. Acetate is alsmot nice condition! Plays nice.
 price : offer
   Archon (Kiss the earth) - Kiss the earth
    (USA, private, 634P-7488) 1969 LP

Rare US loner folk LP!
Side : B is spoken words. However, Side: A is really nice loner folk!
Spine and top of the sleeve have adhesive tape.
 price : 19,800 yen

  Pep Laguarda & Tapineria - Brossa D'Ahir
   (Spain, Ocre BOL·003) 1977LP w/insert

Nice folk psych! The producer is Daevid Allen of GONG!
An almost perfect copy. The spine of the sleeve has only very very small bent. B-1 sounds only a few noise.

 price : 13,800yen
   Lavender Jane - Lavender Jane Loves Women
    (US, Women's Wax Works A001) 1973 LP

Rare fimale folk private press LP! Other shop sells this LP for $1000!
 price : 64,800 yen

   Jim Leedy - Help
   (USA, private, PEAK JL 101) 1969? LP

Rare USA private press loner downer acid folk LP! 4 stars in Pokora's 6001 book.
The sleeve has shrink 80%.

 price : 54,980yen
  Lutha - Earth 
    (NZ, EMI His Master's Voice HSD.1025) 1972 LP

Great pop folk psych! Rare nice condition copy!
Sorry no insert.
 price : sold out
   (USA, private, VIRGIN ENTERPRISES 208319) 1972 LP

USA great private press psych folk!! Has Melotron!!!
All copies of this LP are plain white sleeve.
Both labels and front and back sleeve have each signature.
 price : 72,800yen 
   Mantra (D.Dreaper & D.Kelder) - self-titled
    (Canada, M.M.&C. MMC 301) 1970 LP

Beautiful Canadian acid folk psych LP masterpiece!!!!
The sleeve has a very small drill hole.
 price : sold out

   Gary Marks - Gathering
   (USA, private, AREWEA ULT 74008/9) 1974 LP w/booklet

Rare US psych folk and prog jazz rock LP!
The vinyl is almost nice condition, but has only small heat-damages on a few points.
 price : sold out
   Martin McBain - Winter... on the Harbour
    (Australia, Candle Records CFPS-121) 1983 LP

Really nice acid folk LP. Like Nick Drake!  
 price : 25,800 yen
   James McCarthy - Born a loser
    (USA, private, AUDIO HOUSE AHS 3771) 1971 LP blue vinyl

Great loner acid folk LP! 6 stars of Pokora's book!
The edges of the sleeve has wears.
The vinyl has some thin marks, but plays not so bad. Sounds only some noise.
 price : 29,800yen
   Meadow folk - self-titled
   (UK, private, HAS EP 3019) 1973 LP

Mega rare UK private press LP! Nice folk rock! Perhaps, pressed less than 99 copies! Listed on the Japanese book about British folk "Labyrinth of folk rock 2002"!!!
Male and female vo folk rock. Some songs are really masterpieces!
The sleeve has each split of front panel and back panel. And the damages were restored. But there are the traces and wrinkles.
The vinyl has some thin marks. Because this LP is poor pressing, this sounds some background noise.
 price : 128,000yen

   Message - From Books And Dreams
Bacillus Records, BLPS 19159) 1973 LP G/F sleeve

Krautrock & hardrock psych masterpiece!
Original press with boxed bellaphon mark on the label ver.

 price : 32,200yen
   Midnight Circus self-titled
   (Bacillus Records BLPS 19108) 1972 LP 

Nice Germany progressive folk LP!

The vinyl is almost Mint, except a few points. Sounds s few noise on a few points. The sleeve has slight aged deterioration.
 price : 18,400yen
   Moondog - Snaketime Series
    (USA, Crescent TV 19318/9) 1954 10 inch LP

GIGA RARE, known only a few copies!
Monndog released same title LP in 1956. But this 10 inch is different music as that LP!
This copy does not have cover. But also most other copies don't have cover. Only known one copy that has cover, so far, and the copy that has cover was very expensive!!!! The vinyl has many thin marks. No skip no jump. Please ask for sample sound-clip.
 price : 118,000yen
 Musica Dispersa - self-titled
  (Spain, Disbolo D-1002) 1971 LP G/F sleeve w/poster

Rare acid folk LP! Has rare poster! But the sleeve and poster has water damage.
 price : 29,800yen
   Robert Naylor
    (UK, private, no label, no number) 1972 LP

A best masterpiece of UK loner acid folk LP as like Nick Drake - Pink Moon! Great song-writing and beautiful voice, and super guitar technique!
Robert Naylor died suddenly at the age of 21 in 1976 while studying for a music degree at the University of Surrey. He was an upcoming guitarist and singer-songwriter who was influenced by the music of Ralph McTell.
Please check the keyword "Robert Naylor Ralph McTell" in Google.
A Genius SSW !!!!

Perhaps, only known 2 copies, extremely rare LP. All copies don't have sleeve. The vinyl has only a few thin marks. Because this LP is mono, plays better than Ex if you use mono cartridge.
Please ask sample sound-clip!
 price : offer
 Billy Nicholls - Would You Belleve
   (UK, IMMEDIATE IMCP 009) 1698 LP

The greatest and rarest UK pop psych LP.
Even VG+ copy is higher value than GBP5000 now, in the market.
This sleeve has some many wear and trace of tape damage on edges. No split-seam. The spine has some wear, so some letters of title were lost, however not all letters of title.
The labels has some many spindle marks.
The vinyl has many thin marks and some deep wounds. You can enjoy the music, however,  sounds some many noise. If you want better than Ex-, please never buy this. The last owner graded this for Vg+, however, we grade this for Vg.

Please ask sample sound-clip!!!
 price : sold out
   Roger Nichols and Paul Williams - We've only just begun
    (USA, demo, ALMO MUSIC CORP, IRVING MUSIC INC, SP-8025 ) 1970 LP

Great demo LP of well known song writer! Nice folk pop psych!
Front sleeve has signature by the artist!
 price : reserved
  North Country Rock Association - SAMPLER
   (USA private, NUT HOUSE VC 5083) 1971 LP

Psychedelic rock & folk LP! This is listed in Pokora's Record collector dreams 4001 book !! And 5 stars rarity! The vinyl is looks cloudy weather of the luster, because this is poor private press. However plyas Ex+!
 price : 29,800yen
    Oliver - Standing Stone
     (UK, private, Oliv OL 1) 1974 LP

GIGA RARE UK private press acid folk LP monster!
First release ver blue sleeve original! (He released olive green sleeve ver for second release.) This first ver is really rare!
Many listeners have already recognized splendor of the music of this album that reissues are repeated!
The fragile thin sleeve has a few tears and split-seams. No writing damage. The vinyl has many thin marks and a few wounds. Sounds some many noise, but not so bad. PLEAS ASK SAMPLE SOUND-CLIP and PHOTOS!
 price : sold out
   Omega - same(1st LP)
   (USA, private, Fellowship FWP-100) 1969 LP

Pokora's 5 stars! Private press folk psych! The sleeve is handmade, has some stains.
Because USA private pressing is poor pressing, this vinyl sounds some noise. The vinyl is nice condition except B-1 and B-2, and looks of side:B.
B-1 has a wound, and it sounds only small click noise 13 times. And B-2 has a wound, it dounds a few click noise. 
And side:B has cloudy weather of luster. It may be heat-damage. My turntable does not sound noise by the heat-damage. But some kinds cartridges sound surface noise...
So low price!! 
  price : 39,800yen
   Ora - self-titled
    (UK, Tangerine Records DP.LP.002S) 1969 LP

Great Uk folk rock psych masterpiece!
The sleeve has water-damage and stains. The vinyl is almost perfect. Please ask photos and sound-clips.
 price : reserved
 Out of Darkness
   (UK, KEY KL 006) 1970 LP

Rare prog psych LP!
The sleeve has small tear on back. The vinyl sounds some noise on some points, not so bad.
 price : 32,980yen
   Pagan Bo - Traditional Bard And The Future Inevitable
    (UK, private, Planet Records ICLP 01) 1978 LP

Really great acid folk rock private press LP! Very great handmade sleeve!
Side:B has thin heat-damage, but plays no problem.
 price : 59,800yen
  Pageant Theatre - Here We Go Round The Prickly Pear
   (Australia, Troubadour Custom Recording TCM-73064 A) 1973 LP

Nice OZ pop psych rock LP!
The sleeve has split-seams on the bottome and the spine.
 price : 11,000yen
   Bev Pegg - Away From The Sand
    (private, UK, Beaujangle Recordings - DB 0006) 1975 LP

Giga rare UK private folk psych LP!
It is told that only 50 copies were pressed. If you don't know this music, please check it in Youtube.
 price : 45,800yen
 Phoenix - Mugur De Fluier
  (Romania, STM-EDE 0968) 1971 LP G/F sleeve

Rare first press! ROMANIAN PROG PSYCH!
 price : 12,800 yen
   Piri - Vocês Querem Mate?
    (Brazil, Quartin - LP-RSQ-3) 1970 LP

Great rare bossa psych LP!
  price : sold out
   Tom Pohlman - A prayer for John
    (USA, private, FROG TBP 0001) 1970 LP

The best masterpiece of US loner dreamy folk private press LP!!
Really rare LP, 6 stars on Pokora's 7001 book! 
The girl whom there is under the tree of the front sleeve is "A prayer for John". Because her brother was killed in the Vietnam War, she cries. And, She prays for her brother "John".
The sleeve has a small ink damage on front. And small writing damage on edge of back.
The vinyl has some marks.
 price : sold out
   John Read (John Dawson Read) - Good Living
    (UK, private, CRS records) 1973 acetate LP

Very nice British folk LP!!!!
Giga rare his very 1st LP! He is a well known SSW. And he released his 1st major LP in 1975. However, before it, he made demo acetate album 1973! Of course, each are different music! And this acetate is really great music!!!!
This sleeve has some water damage. This acetate is nice condition. However, because this is acetate, this sounds some background noise.
If you are intereated in this LP, please ask about sample sond-clip.
 price : offer
   The Rising Storm - Calm Before...
     (USA, private, Remnant - BBA-3571) 1967 LP

US garage psych masterpiece!
The sleeve has big water damages and long split-seams on bottom and top. The vinyl has thin marks, looks Ex ~ Ex-, but plays like Ex+, sounds only a few noise, not so bad. Please ask photos and sample sound-clip!
 price : sold out
  Rollies - Let's Start Again  
   (Indonesia, Remaco Records RLL-105) 1971 LP

Rare Indonesian prog garage rock! Pokora's 4stars!
Not so bad condition!
 price : 17,980yen
   Roger Rubin and Rotfree Anderson - Atlanta Underground-Freek Music
    (USA, private, Purple haze records R.G.-1-71) 1971 LP

Pokora's 6 stars acid folk LP! This sleeve has big damage. The labels of both side have each small writing. The vinyl is looks nice condition. However, because pressing is poor, this LP sounds some background noise.
 price : reserved

  Roger Salloom & The Vest Pocket Players - The City In An Owl's Eye
   (USA, private, 9295-5969) 1967 LP

Rare loner folk LP!
The sleeve has small scotch tape on back. The vinyl has some thin marks.
Other copy is $3999 in eBay! But we can sell this Lp for very lower price!

 price : sold out

  Shark Move - Chede Chokra's
    (Indonesia, private, SHARK MOVE RECORDS SM-777) 1971 LP

This is listed for 6 stars in Pokora's Record collector dreams 6001 book !!
The greatest and rarest Indonesian prog psych!
The sleeve has some repair of tear. And reinforcement for tear inside of the sleeve. No big damage!
The vinyl has only very thin marks! Sounds only small background noise. VERY BETTER CONDITION THAN MOST OTHER INDONESIAN VINYLS!
The label of Side:A has the trace of a sticker.
Please do not hesitate about calling for photos and sample sound-clip!

 price : offer
    Sintesis (Grupo Sintesis) - Sintesis
     (Cuba, Areito - LD-3736) 1978 LP 

The greatest and rarest Central American symphonic progressive rock LP from Cuba!!!
Perhaps, you already know the great music by reissue. But the sound-quality of original LP is very better than reissue!
Each edge of sleeve has wear, but does not have split-seam. No writing damage.
The vinyl is looks not so bad. Has thin paper marks. B-2 has a mark. Plays sounds some background noise, the cause is bad-pressing or dusts. If you use nice cleaner-machine, it will be better!
Please ask sample sound-clips and details photos!
Trade offer of rare LPs is welcome!
 price : offer
   Silver Set - With Love Like That
    (UK, private, STAG SG.1002S) 1973 LP

5 stars of Pokora's book! rare UK private press Pop beat psych LP!
Very fragile sleeve has split-seam and trace of the adhesive tape.
The vinyl is nice condition!
 price : 39,800yen
  Sidetrack - Baby 
   (USA, private, SMIS-1) 1970 LP

It is 5 stars on Pokora's book. Rare US prog psych rock LP!
Private press LP! Most copies don't have sleeve. This copy has plain sleeve that has labels by paste-on.
 price : 82,800yen

   Sunrise - self-titled (1st LP)
   (USA, private, Melody Recording MRS 1772) 1972 LP w/insert

Great us male and female vo acid folk psych!
You can listen a few songs in Youtube. But other songs are better than those songs of Youtube. Anyway, all songs are really nice!
The vinyl is almost Ex- except side:A 3-4. Side:A 3-4 has a mark and it sounds click noises. Please ask sample sound-clip.

 price : offer
  Sunrise - Journey Before The Dawn
   (USA, private, 31717) 1977 LP

Their 2nd album. I think 1st album is better. But this 2nd album is also not so bad. If you like their 1st album, please get also this!
 price : 15,800yen
 Phil Sawyer - Childhood's End
  (Australia, Sweet Peach SPB 505) 1971 LP

Very Rare Australian psych folk rock! This LP like Paul Adolphus! Pokora's 5 stars and masterpiece mark!!
 price : reserved

  (Germany, private, SCH 33 003) 1974 LP

This is experimental minimal Kraut rock psych and electric acid folk LP. MEGA RARE PRIVATE PRESS LP!!
This is not Brain issue. First press original in '74!
The sleeve has only some damages. The vinyl has some thin hearlines, only some little noise. 

 price : 39,800yen
   Benny Soebardja - Night Train
    (Indonesia, SM MRS-003) 1978 LP

GIGA rare promo only Indonesian prog psych LP!!! Released only cassette. So LP vinyl is only promo, pressed only less than 25 copies!
He is ex-Shark Move!
Listed on Pokora's book 7001 for 6 stars + masterpiece mark! (This book lists this LP as 1974 by misunderstanding. However, this LP was made in 1978.) 
This copy condition is not so bad. Has some thin marks. Sounds only some background nose.  However, very better than other Indonesian vinyls! Most Indonesian vinyls are really bad condition...
 price : offer

   Stephen Spano - Eye To Eye
   (USA, private?,
Adelphi Records Inc. AD 4103) 1975 LP w/insert

Nice psych folk LP!
The sleeve has very small cut on right edge. And has trace od sticker and stains. The vinyl has thin marks. Not nice condition, but has rare insert.

 price : 9,200yen
   Jim Sullivan - U.F.O.
    (private, Monnie MR-0003) 1969 LP 

Great US psych private press LP!
The photo of the sleeve has tear. The sleeve has long split-seams on top and bottom and spine.
 price : reserved
   Sündenfall II - self-titled
    (Germany, private, Trefiton - HS 1017 ) 1971 LP

Pressed only 200 copies, very rare Germany private press acid folk LP! Rarer than Siloah!
The spine of the sleeve has small bent because this sleeve is bigger size than normal LP sleeve.
 price : reserved
   Baker Symes - self-titled
    (USA, private, USR 6932) 1974 LP w/insert

Really great loner folk psych! Has a great fuzz guitar song! Please ask sample sound-clips!

 price : 69,800yen
   Tamburlaine - Say No More
     (New Zealand, Tartar SLC.105) 1972 LP

Nice New Zealand psych folk!
The sleeve has adhesive tape on the spine. The vinyl has thin marks. Plays not so bad!
 price : sold out
  Tamburlaine - Rebirth
   (New Zealand, Tartar SLC.118) 1973 LP

Nice New Zealand psych folk!
 price : 19,800yen
 Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation
  (Germany OHR OMM 56004) 1970 LP G/F sleeve 

This is very rare first press! Front of the sleeve has window! And it has the balloon which melted... So the inside has big damage by it... Please ask about detailed photos if you want to buy this. 
 price : 17,800 yen

  Ian Shaw, Karen Taylor - Friends....
   (UK, private, Granny Records Gran 001) 1978 LP

Pokora's 6 stars rare LP!!
Female & male psych folk rock LP! 
The vinyl has outstanding very thin paper marks. But of course, because those marks are very thin, plays no problem.
Please ask sample sound-clip!

 price : offer
   Les Temps Heureux - ... en ces jours
    (France, private, No 76.501) 1972 LP

Really rare great French acid folk psych private press LP!!!
This LP is really rare... Even if you can find 5 copies of "Celebration - Old Green Village" LP, you may not be able to find this LP...
This sleeve has no big damage. Has only some wears.
The vinyl is almost Mint condition except B-2. B-2 has a long mark, the mark sounds 30 click noises. It is difficult to find this LP in any condition. This damage may not be fatal for you. Please ask about sample sound-clip.
Please enjoy better sound quality than the reissue!!!
 price : 128,000yen
  Ananda Thaliah - Why I Sing
   (UK, private, KAMAL (1) ) 1972 LP 

Pokora's 5 stars! RARE! UK private press loner acid folk LP!!!!
The back sleeve has Ananda's sign. The spine has split-seam. And has bents on the bottom and other edges. The vinyl has some thn marks. Plays not so bad! 
Because the condition is not so good, the price is very low!!!
 price : 39,800yen
   Andreas Thomopoulos - Songs of the street
    (UK, mushroom 100 mr 1b) 1970 LP

Greek acid folk LP! Perhaps, it was released in only UK. Released by UK Mushroom label that is same label of Simon Finn!!!
Listed Pokora's book!
 price : 12,800 yen
  Tony ‎Tam - Tony
   (USA, private, Shampton Records SP-6604) 1975 LP

Great US acid folk master piece from Hawaii! 
The sleeve has small writing on front.

 price : 36,800yen

    Larry Towell - Feather And Bones
    (Canada, private,
Country Gallery Records, WRC9-997) 1980 LP

Grear Canadian loner acid folk LP masterpiece!
The sleeve in shrink! The shrink has signature!

 price : 36,600yen

  Tracks - 69-74
   (USA, private, SBT 1) 1974 3LP BOX

Very rare private press 3 LPs box set!! Great psych rock!
6 stars on Pokora's book!
And this copy has rare booklet! Many other copies lost this booklet.

 price : offer
  Trio DAG - Secanja
   (Yugo, RTB LPV 5238) 1974 LP 

Yugo prog psych folk!
 price : 59,800 yen
   Tryad - If only you believe in lovin'
    (USA, private, STORM KING SKS 101) 1972 LP w/insert

Rare US female & male folk psych trio private press LP!
Has rare insert! And the sleeve has the artist's signature on front!!!!
 price : 45,800 yen

  Tully - self-titled (1st)
   (Australia, Columbia SCXO-7926) 1970 LP G/F sleeve

Australian psych! Like Pink Floyd!
The vinyl has some thin marks.

 price : 22,800yen
   Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections On The Future
     (Germany, United Artists Records UAS 29 314 I) 1972 LP

Great hard progressive rock psych masterpiece!!! 
The sleeve has small bent. The vinyl has some many thin marks, not so bad. The labels has very small writing damages. Please ask photos. Sample sound-clip is here.
 price : offer
  Underground 12 (LSD underground 12) - self-titled
   (USA private, SUB-2565/2566) 1966?LP 

Recently, this unknown rare LP was reissued. The LP name was changed for "LSD underground 12" by the reissue LP. 
This is an original copy. Most copies (or all copies?) don't have sleeve from origin. Has a plain dark blue sleeve.
Very great Avant-Garde psych!!
 price : offer
   V.A - Heavy Christmas
    (Germany, Pilz ‎- 15 21114-2) 1971 LP

Rare krautrock LP! Include rare tracks of each bands.
Libido, Marcel, Joy Unlimited, Virus, Dies Irae, Ardo Dombec, and Flute & Voice!!!
 price : 36,800 yen
   Venus - self-titled
    (Germany, private, AK1) 1975 LP

The rarest krautrock monster LP! Underground prog psych!
Heavy guitar, male & female vo, hardrock songs feeling krautrock etc...
Very great sleeve design, nice artwork!
And this LP was pressed only 50 copies!!!! Really rare!
The sleeve is very very thin paper, however it does not have tear! Has only stains and wrinkles. Probably this is the top condition in existing copies.
The vinyl is nice condition! B-3 sounds some noise by a small mark.
 price : sold out
   Virgil Caine - self-titled
    (USA, private, FULCRUM SAAB 943) 1971 LP

Rare US acid folk rock psych private press LP! 4 stars on Pokora's 7001 book!
And rare sealed copy!
(If you want to check warp of the vinyl, we open the seal beforehand. And we cure the warp by our machine made in Japan if it is warped. )
 price : 69,800yen
   Visions (Robin Keith, Grace, The Adrian Hall Set) ‎– Visions
(UK, private, Koala KOA PO16) 1975 LP 

The great female and male vo acid folk psych masterpiece private press LP! Collaboration LP by three artists.
Released by Koala label. Koala is same label as Cair paravel LP!
You can check 2 songs of this LP in Youtube. Please check the keyword "Robin Keith, Grace, The Adrian Hall Set" in Youtube. 
 price : 45,800yen

   (Bolivia, DISCOS HERIBA LP-2007) 1973 LP G/F sleeve

Rarest and greatest South American prog psych LP!!
Almost Bolivian vinyls are very bad conditions, like Indonesian vinyls... 
Really rare LP. And this copy is rare green vinyl!!!! Rarer than normal black vinyl.  
The sleeve has many wears. And has split-seam, tear etc. The vinyl has many thin marks, however it does not skip. If you want to buy this, please ask about detailed photos and sample sound-clips first. If a copy is better than Ex condition, it will be very expensive $$$$$!!!!!

 price : offer
   (Bolivia, DISCOS HERIBA LP-2007) 1973 LP G/F sleeve

Rarest and greatest South American prog psych LP!!
Almost Bolivian vinyls are very bad conditions, like Indonesian vinyls... 
Really rare LP.  
The sleeve has many wears. And has split-seam, tear etc. The vinyl has many thin marks, however it does not skip. If you want to buy this, please ask about detailed photos and sample sound-clips first. If a copy is better than Ex condition, it will be very expensive $$$$$!!!!!

  price : reserved
  David Welsh - Blue Lightning Accent
   (USA, private, Blue Ash Records - BAR 1850) 1980 LP

A great strange psyche rock LP!
A perfect copy. The sleeve has shrink-wrap 95%.
 price : 42,000 yen
   Zweistein - Trip Flip out Meditation
    (Germany, Philips 6630 002) 1970 LP

Great krautrock psych 3LP!
The cover has a mirror on the front. The cover has wears and split-seam. All vinyls are looks Mint or Ex+, except side:1 of disc 3. Side:1 of disc 3 has a mark. All vinyls are plays almost Ex+, sounds a few noise on only a few points.
The postage is higher than other LP, please ask.

 price : 64,400yen 

We have many other RARE LPs too! If you want other LPs, please ask!!

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