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***All prices are Japanese YEN. (reference : 1 EUR = about 113 YEN, August 2016. Please check realtime exchange rate by web.)***


Paypal (Please add 4% of total price).

国内のお客様には 銀行振り込み (追加手数料なし) にてご対応させていただいております。


Registered airmail (without
insurance) :
Single sleeve LP : 1,460 YEN
G/F sleeve LP : 1,550 YEN
2LP set : 1,730 YEN
Other shape : please ask


EMS (registered express airmail w/insurance) :
Single sleeve LP : 2,200 YEN
G/F sleeve LP : 2,400 YEN
2LP set : 2,600 YEN
Other shape : please ask

For Japanese
国内のお客様には ゆうパック着払い 80サイズ にてご対応させていただいております。


We use S (Sealed), M (Not sealed, but new), M-, Ex+ (almost perfect), Ex, Ex-, Vg+, Vg, Vg-, G, Poor
And we use (+) and (-).
"Ex+" is almost perfect condition. "Vg+" is not so nice condition.

Cover is first, Disc is then. For example, "Ex/Vg+" is cover Ex and Disc Vg+.

Photos and sample sound-clip

We can make detailed photos and sample sound-clip. But make only some LPs because we are busy. And it is hard labor to produce those.
However we can make detailed photos of each LP, and we can make sample sound-clip of each LPs.
If you are interested in the purchase seriously, please do not hesitate in the request!


Please send e-mail first (Please check "Contact "). And we check stock and reply to you.
If you want "offer item", please tell your best price to us. Or trade is welcome. We can accept worldwide psyche, prog acid folk LPs.

Want list

Please send your want list. we can look for rare Japanese LPs and other country rare LPs too.
And we don't list some many LPs in this site. We have many other LPs too! We often do not list even a few rarest LPs on our website. Please ask.

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